Our Fees

Fees and Costs

Brevard Mediation Services enters its second decade with a flat fee structure. Starting January 2, 2021, there will no longer be any charges for the incidental time spent on the matter, including time for any pre-mediation meetings or conference calls, review of any submitted materials and necessary related research, the mediation proceedings, and any follow-up with the parties as needed.

Instead, each matter is billed a flat fee on the basis of whether it is a half-day or full day mediation. A half day mediation (defined as any mediation conference lasting 4 hours or fewer) is billed at a flat fee of $1500.00. A full day mediation (any mediation conference lasting greater than 4 hours) is billed at $3000.00. Flat fees are still subject to the parties’ decisions on pro rata sharing.
For private arbitrations, please contact me for a separate fee schedule.

Cancellation Policy

Matters where a party fails to appear or where the mediator is informed less than two business days prior to the scheduled mediation that the parties are unable to participate will be subject to a minimum fee of $750, unless waived by the mediator or rescheduled.