Our Fees

Fees and Costs

The rate per hour for my mediation services is $325.00 per hour for all time spent on the case, including any pre-mediation meetings or conference calls, review of any submitted materials and necessary related research, the mediation proceedings, and any follow-up with the parties as needed. Every scheduled matter is billed a two hour minimum fee. In addition to the mediation fee, each matter incurs a $50.00 administrative fee.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss a flat fee for mediation on your case. 


No travel time or costs are charged for matters in Brevard County. For matters beyond Brevard, reasonable travel expenses may also be added to the invoice for services. In the event that a location must be rented for the purposes of the mediation, this fee will be added to your invoice as well, unless paid directly by the parties.  Mediation invoices are payable and due on receipt. My agreement to mediate is with counsel where parties are represented, and by engaging me, counsel agrees to be directly responsible for my fees and costs as billed.

Cancellation Policy

Matters where a party fails to appear or where the mediator is informed less than two business days prior to the scheduled mediation that the parties are unable to participate will be subject to the two hour minimum and administrative fee, unless waived by the mediator or rescheduled.