The Pro Se Participant

The challenge presented by a pro se party (i.e. a party who represents himself/ herself/ itself without the aid of a lawyer) arises because of a perceived inherent power imbalance.

Effective Advocacy in Mediation

Christina Magee is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and County Mediator and the principal in Brevard Mediation Services, LLC a mediation practice founded in 2011.  Her current practice

In The Beginning

In this edition of “Have you Considered . . .?” we take an in-depth look at the start of the mediation experience. It’s not always true that “the start is

Making Mediation Work

What makes mediation succeed? Here are a few insights into what traits or characteristics are present in mediations that come out just like the parties expected. If your mediations aren’t

So much a truism in 2011 that it has become a cliché, it’s plain we live in a 24/7, never unplugged world. Our phones are smart, our computers are now

Where an insurance company will be paying the settlement for a claim, there are other issues to consider in mediation beyond whether the parties to the dispute can resolve their