Christina Magee, Esq

Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil
Supreme County and Appellate Mediator.

Federal Mediator

Christina Magee is an approved Mediator for the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida and mediates cases there involving employment issues, sexual torts in the workplace, wage and hour cases, and race, gender, gender identity/sexual orientation and disability discrimination cases.

Circuit Civil Mediator

If you want an experienced mediator who has successfully resolved cases involving multiple parties (or few), complex commercial transactions, personal injury or cases where insurance is at stake, consider using Christina Magee. She is qualified, experienced and efficient – won’t give up but won’t waste your time.

Appellate Mediator

Appellate Mediation presents unique issues such as the standard of review, preservation of error and the record on appeal. Chris Magee understands these issues and how to use them to facilitate resolution at the appellate level.

Christina Magee, Esq. – Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator

Christina Magee, Esq., Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, County and Appellate Mediator has more than twenty-five years of experience representing injured parties, corporate and individual defendants, and insurance companies. That experience includes over a decade of experience as inside counsel for a major insurance company, resolving numerous exposures, primarily via mediation and negotiated settlements.

With years of experience in commercial litigation and insurance disputes, Christina Magee can provide you with a neutral third party to help you as you work to resolve your dispute. The Areas of Focus represent types of cases handled and does not imply or indicate that these are areas of “certification” by the Florida Bar.

Our First Decade: 2011-2021

Perseverance. Integrity. Tenacity.  And a genuine desire to help parties find compromise in the midst of conflict.  

These qualities have allowed Brevard Mediation Services to grow and prosper since its inception in 2011. 

Now, Brevard Mediation Services is a decade stronger and the next decade looks even better than the last.   Contact Christina Magee, Esq. to learn more about all of the ADR Services available at Brevard Mediation.

Mediation as a tool to resolve disputes is limited only by the participants’ ingenuity. Allowing parties to escape the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” confines of a traditional jury verdict makes mediation a one-of-a-kind solution.

At Brevard Mediation Services, Christina Magee focuses on enabling parties to reach those decisions in a way that is both cost-effective and results-oriented, without overlooking that it is the parties’ decision to settle that resolves a case.

Reaching Solutions. Resolving Cases.

Areas of Focus

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Mediation is a process that unfolds as the parties consider the realities of what the costs and benefits are to continuing versus resolving their dispute.

At Brevard Mediation Services, Christina Magee focuses on enabling parties to reach those decisions in a way that is both cost-effective and results-oriented, without overlooking that it is the parties’ decision to settle that resolves a case.

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Mediation is a party-driven solution to a dispute. It is not imposed by a decision-maker, such as a court or a jury or an arbitrator. The outcome is not a simple “win or lose” decision. Instead, with the help of the impartial mediator, the parties decide whether they want to resolve their conflict and choose how to do so on a basis that all parties can accept. Mediation can save participants time and money – when a successful mediation resolves the case, participants are freed from the continued demands and costs of litigation.

Not all cases have the same timeline. Some cases are best resolved before they become lawsuits. The best answer for when to mediate is when the parties have enough information to take a fresh look at their case and find an endpoint that isn’t a verdict.

Brevard Mediation Services was established to add a mediator in Brevard County with expertise in commercial matters, matters involving personal injury and wrongful death, employment law matters and matters where resolution involves an insurance company. With more than twenty years’ experience litigating and trying cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, and most recently, as inside counsel for a major insurance carrier, Christina Magee is uniquely positioned to understand what drives each of the typical parties in mediation and how to close the gaps between them to facilitate successful outcomes. In addition, she is able to foster rapport with both plaintiffs and defendants that provides credibility for the difficult decisions that come in the mediation process.

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